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Shortage of Cigarettes in Havana due to Hoarding and Increasing Consumption

October 09, 2014

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October 08, 2014


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HeaterHolder offers ideal solution for cigar smoking golfers

We all know the "problem": it's a beautiful day, you're out golfing with your buddies and you fire up a heater. Now it's your turn to hit. Where do you put your cigar? Toss it on the ground, balance it on the cart bumper or tee marker? Or maybe you have one of those fancy clips or plastic gadgets (which usually take 2 hands to operate).

The answer to this problem comes from engineer and entrepreneur, Wayne Burkholder, creator of The Heater Holder™, a cigar rest for golfers who want to enjoy a round of golf and a cigar. The Heater Holder™ has also been designed to accomodate cigars up to a 54 ring.

Why The HeaterHolder™? There are approximately 5 million golfers who either openly or privately use the golf course as an opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of great weather, some mild exercise and a chance to enjoy an unfettered few hours with a cigar. As public houses and bars are severely limiting indoor smoking, many are finding the golf course is one of the few places where camaraderie and a cigar still can coexist.

The HeaterHolder™ offers a number of advantages:

The unique patented design is equipped with a snap mechanism to adhere to the golfer's bag, reducing the likelihood that it might be left on a golf cart, in golf slacks or worse, left at home.

Constructed of all metal, rustproof construction.

The HeaterHolder™ is self-leveling for golfers using a stand-bag or pull cart.

Precisely positioned snap attachment at the top of golf bag, for easy visibility and access. No more having to keep bending down to get you cigar.

A smart alternative to risking exposure to harmful pesticides and fertilizers by resting the cigar on the ground, or precariously balancing cigars on tees or other makeshift "holders."

The HeaterHolder™ is engineered and manufactured in the United States by S.W. Burke manufacturing based in Middleboro, Ma. near Providence, RI the former jewelry and cutlery capital.

Featured in The New York Times and recommended by Cigar Aficionado, the HeaterHolder will help you stop worrying about your cigar by letting you concentrate on making that next important shot.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


HeaterHolder offers ideal solution for cigar smoking golfers