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Shortage of Cigarettes in Havana due to Hoarding and Increasing Consumption

October 09, 2014

Mexico and Cuba to Expand Trade Relations

October 08, 2014


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Vegas company ordered to stop using Cohiba name

LAS VEGAS (AP) - A federal court has ordered a Nevada businessman to stop using the "Cohiba" name on cigars and rum.

The brand owner, New York and Richmond (Va.)-based General Cigar Company, was awarded almost $770,000 in damages plus legal costs.

The businessman, Philip Restifo, says he will comply with U.S. District Judge Brian Sandoval's June 30th order, which banned importing, marketing, distributing and selling "Cohiba Caribbean's Finest" cigars and rum.

Restifo, owner of COHIBA Caribbean's Finest and Data Commodities of Las Vegas, didn't say how he would pay legal costs and damages.

Restifo is seeking bankruptcy protection.

Gerry Roerty is General Cigar's vice president and general counsel. He had called Restifo's businesses the most aggressive among several Cohiba counterfeiters in the nation.

Cohibas are among several brands of Cuban heritage premium cigars imported from Latin America because of the U.S. ban on trade with Cuba.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Source: WAVY-TV

Vegas company ordered to stop using Cohiba name