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October 09, 2014

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October 08, 2014


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Have You Smoked The Toad?

The new concept cigar launched by the makers of Flor de Jardin.

Have You Smoked The Toad? That is the slogan for the new brand, The Smokin' Toad, debuting by The Texas Cigar Brothers. That's right you heard correctly the Smokin' Toad. Now one might ask what exactly is a Smokin' Toad? The answer is a Toadally awesome cigar that is made of 100% Nicaraguan tobacco and is available in three sizes the Tadpole, Toad and Bull Frog.

The name was decided upon after last years RTDA show where the brothers had their show stopping Smokin' Toad sitting at the booth puffing away on a cigar. The toad is a 3 ft high cartoon toad statue that was discovered by Michael Makens while on a 200 km jungle trek in Thailand several years ago. Being that it was the brother's first RTDA show they wanted something that would catch people's attention and was completely different from anything else that had ever been done before.

The genesis for the concept came from a late night smoke session Michael explains "I have kept the toad in my garden ever since my trek and it was during one night that my brothers and I were sitting around smoking cigars thinking of cool things to do for the show that my oldest brother Jim looked over at the toad and said lets make that smoke."

The brothers quickly discovered how popular the Smokin' Toad was among the attendees "People absolutely went bonkers over it, I had one guy offer me well over $1,000 for the crazy thing" says James the brothers father who was working the booth. By the end of the show they had received well over 15 offers to buy the Toad with several of those dwarfing the one made to their father. The toad even made some publicity by appearing on the front cover of Smoke Shop magazine and again within the pages two additional times.

The brothers entered the cigar market roughly a year ago when they launched their premium line Flor de Jardin. The brand really hit the ground running by appearing in the Robb Report two times within the first six months and also received some fantastic reviews from Smoke magazine and Cigar Aficionado. However, it seems they have learned a lot during their first year "since we were new to this business we spent a lot of time our first year listening to what retailers want in a cigar as far as taste, blend, sizing, promotion and a million other things" Bill say's.

It seems that the first year spent listening was an invaluable experience explains Bill "We created a cigar based on everything we learned and I believe the toad is exactly what they are looking for." With retailers placing orders before the brand was even ready it appears as if the Texas Cigar Brothers maybe on to something.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Have You Smoked The Toad?