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October 09, 2014

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October 08, 2014


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Teacher forced us to light up, allege pupils

KULIM: More than 30 pupils of a school in Mahang, 34km from here, were allegedly forced by a teacher to smoke cigars as a punishment after they admitted to having tried smoking.

The pupils claimed that the male teacher forced them to share two cigars between them in the school's science laboratory. They claimed that each pupil had to take five puffs.

It was learnt that the incident, on July 25, happened after several pupils were caught smoking in the boys' restroom.

The school disciplinary teacher then went to the Years Four, Five and Six classrooms and asked if they had tried smoking. When some pupils admitted, he allegedly told them to gather at the science laboratory.

Year Four pupil Mohd Aiman Saidin said the teacher then scolded them before taking out two cigars and forced them to smoke.

He said there were about 35 pupils in the laboratory, including a girl.

His schoolmate, Mohd Zulfikar Aizudin Ahmad Zulfadli, said he felt dizzy and his throat was in pain after inhaling the tobacco smoke.

Another pupil, Mohd Shazmin Aiman said he was down with fever following the punishment and missed school for five days.

The pupils were too scared to relate the incident to their parents and it only came to light recently when one of the parents pressed for answers after noticing something amiss with his child.

Aiman's father, Saidin Md Dali, 48, said the teacher had gone overboard by resorting to such punishment.

"He should have conducted a proper investigation and consulted the school officials and parents on the best way to straighten out the children," he said.

SK Mahang Parent-Teacher Association vice-president Abdullah Muda said he was disappointed with the teacher's approach and added that the incident should not have happened.

He said forcing children to smoke cigars was unacceptable punishment and urged the relevant authorities to act swiftly.

"His action will affect the pupils psychologically."

Abdullah said he was informed that the school would be calling for a meeting with the pupils' parents to explain the incident.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Source: ASIAONE education

Teacher forced us to light up, allege pupils