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Shortage of Cigarettes in Havana due to Hoarding and Increasing Consumption

October 09, 2014

Mexico and Cuba to Expand Trade Relations

October 08, 2014


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Tobacco News

Shortage of Cigarettes in Havana due to Hoarding and Increasing Consumption

Mexico and Cuba to Expand Trade Relations

Cuban cigar roller coming to NOTL

Butt out: New Jersey mulls bill raising state smoking age to 21


Cuba Protects its Cohiba Cigar Brand from Forgery

Cuba exports 67.4 mln machine-made cigars in 2014

Cuban Tobacco Growers in Final Harvest Phase

Sunday Favorites: The Rise of the Cigar

Art and Cuban Cigars in Havana Exhibition

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Duty Free

Upmann Depositing Banker in Humidors This Month

Vegueros Coming in April

Cuban Cigar Luminary Enrique Mons Dies

6 Cuban cigar humidors go for $1.1 million at Havana festival

It`s not unusual for Cuban cigars to sell for $1.1m – but Tom Jones is new guest

Cuban cigar sales jump 8% in 2013, says Habanos SA

New Cigars Kick Off Cuba`s Cigar Festival

Cuba`s Habano Cigar Festival to start Feb. 24

Cuban Partagás Gran Reserva On Shelves

Justin Bieber Goes to Cuba, Smokes Cuban Cigar

Habanos Festival, An Edict of Cuban Quality

Cigar smoking enjoys a revival in UK

The Fat Cigar Trend Spreads to Cuba

Cuba Launches New Line of Habano Cigars

Cuban Bolivar Made Exclusively for La Casa del Habano

Fuente’s Casa Cuba Released on Limited Scale

2013 Big Smoke Saturday Seminars—Cuba Update

Famous Cuban Tobacco Grower Alejandro Robaina to Be Venerated

Without Embargo, Cuba Says It Could Sell $400M in Cigars to US Each Year

Factory-Workshop Guarantees Quality of Cuban Cigars

New H. Upmann Connossieur A From Cuba

US Blockade Causes Cuba Billions Annually in Foreign Trade Losses

New Montecristo Double Edmundo Ships Globally

Cuban Products Highly Prized at Expocruz, Bolivia

Tasting H. Upmann’s Heavy Ring Gauges

Noisy Water Cigar Lounge reopens

Cigar Advisor Publishes Article by Ernesto Padilla About Making Cigars in Miami

Youth tobacco regulations take effect in Sept.

Azan: Vintage Cuban Brand Resurrected

Big Bolivar Regional Edition Coming To Europe

Panama`s ban on tobacco advertising protects people’s health

New Cuban Regional Edition Hits Havana

Cohiba voted the best Cuban cigar

French MPs` lunch with big tobacco causes a stir

WHO urges global ban on all tobacco marketing

Cubans Going on Block at Christie`s

The Year of the Cuban Cigar

Vintage Cigars?

Trip, song an open slap to Cuban refugees, dissenters

Town to rely on beach ownership, education to enforce smoking ban

Cuba accuses US for illegal use of cigar trademark

Pacific Cigar Releases Regional Rey del Mundo

Cuban Cigar Lovers Confirm Attendance to Partagas Friends Meeting in Havana

US Ban on Habano Cigar Sales Inflicts Huge Loss on Cuban Economy

Cuba Cigar Auction Raises $ 1.1 Million

Cuban Cigar Fest in Havana

Cuba Launches New Habano Cigars Reserve into the World Market

What Is The Worlds Most Expensive Cigar?

Habanos Festival Returns to Cuba

Cuba to Cultivate New High Quality Tobacco Variety

Wakulla Restricts Sales of Flavored Tobacco Products

Cuban Cigar Taster Gives Advice in Habanosommelier Event

Cigars Sell for More Than $1,000 Each at Auction

Habanos appoints new co-president

World Smokers Pay Tribute to Famous Cuban Cigar Roller

Art and cigars in De Cuba humidors

Head of Cuban cigar factory Partagas allegedly arrested in Havana

Famous Cuban Planters Part of Tourist "Tobacco Route"

Legal path to US from Cuba still complicated

Great Britain Receives New Regional Edition Smoke

Petit Churchill Makes Impact in Habanos Market

Awaiting a Real Smoking Ban in Cuba

Cuban Cigars Holds Supremacy in Global Market

Partagás Edición Limitada 2012 Trickles into Global Market

Fame of Cuban Cohiba Cigars Acknowledged in Mexico

Lebanon smoking ban enters into force

The May Fair Hotel opens cigar room

Fans of Partagas Cigars to Meet in Cuba

US tourist to pay $6,500 fine for unauthorized 1998 Cuba trip

Luxury cigars boost growth

New Cuban Tobacco Product on International Market

Farmers want Cuban embargo lifted

In China, growing demand for Cuban cigars

Big Smoke Las Vegas Weekend 2012 Seminars Announced

A month in jail for cigar thief who threatened shop woman

Hoyo de Monterrey Cigar Relaunched in Mexico

Cigar sales in the UAE light up

US government once seized Hitchens’s Cuban cigars

Iconic Cuban cigar goes un-smoked at home

Harvest in Famous Cuban Tobacco Plantations Ends

Charity cigar dinners banned

Cuban Trinidad brand discontinued by Habanos SA

Counterfeit Cohibas Confiscated in Miami

Cuba Says Guns Arriving From US In Luggage

A Ton of Undeclared Cuban Cigars Confiscated in Rome

Regional Edition Bolivars Arrive in United Kingdom

Vintage Cigars?

Cuban Tobacco Grower Alejandro Robaina Remembered

Old Havana restaurants quietly going smoke-free

Havana cigars confirm hand-rolled leadership

Cuba’s sculptor of the stars can’t quit tobacco

International Sales of Cuban Cigars Up 9 Percent

Cuba Releasing New Cohiba and Romeos

U.S. embargo on Cuba: a half-century of failure

Guests to Habano Cigars Festival Praise Cuba

No cigar: Economic embargo on Cuba turns 50

New Cuban Bands Omit Old Company Names

Certainties and Bets of a Cuban Cigar Man

Smoking laws to hurt small cigar retailers

Registration Opens for Cuba`s 14th Annual Habanos Festival

Exports of Cuban Machined Cigars Growing

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cuba fumes at Australia’s tobacco rules

Cuba`s cigars: a black market tale of survival

Habanos Cigar Jar Commemorates China-Cuba Relations

Cuban Cigar Roller Presented with Guinness World Record Certificate

H. Upmann Launches New Cigar

Cuba, Ukraine warn on plain packaging

Authorities Nab 3,000 Fake Cohiba Cigars in Key West

Cigar Insider Rates Cuban Edición Limitadas

Western Cuban Tobacco Crops Grow

Ontario County considers banning tobacco use inside, outside its properties

Lord, let me quit cigars, but not yet

No cigar in Cuba

A look inside La Casa del Habano, the global chain of Cuban cigar stores

Box of cigars made specially for Hitler`s deputy Hermann Goring to be sold at auction

Cuban Cohiba 1966 Cigars Coming in “Days”

First Cuban Edición Limitada of 2011 Ships

Fat Cuban Partagás Being Released

Guilty verdict for man who hit cyclist, leaving him partially blind

Paypal and eBay Impose U.S. Blockade Against Cuba in Germany

UT Arlington Goes Tobacco Free

Summerville smoking ban goes into effect on Tuesday

Cuban Spirit Takes up First Habanos Lounge in Egypt

Cuba`s famed cigar industry recovering from crisis

The Return of La Flor de Cano

Counterfeit Behikes—Insider Analysis

“Titanic” cigar box fetches $40,000 in UK

Cuba`s Habanos S.A. Challenges Recognition of Tobacco Brand before the General Court of the European Union

Cuban, breaking own record, rolls longest cigar

Cuba`s cigar industry: Smoked out

Trio of Cuban San Cristóbals to Get Cut

About Cuba`s Cigars and Black Maids

Second Regional Cuban Cigar Arrives in Asia Pacific

Churchill`s cigars go under hammer at Norfolk auction

Cuban Partagas Cigar House to Celebrate Anniversary in April

Texas Senate bill bans smoking in public places

Cigar Auction Raises 787,000 Euros for Cuban Health System

Cohiba 1966 Leads Trio of New Cuban Edición Limitadas

New Habanos Co-President

Cuba to Host International Habano Festival in February

Cuba Creates Cigars for Women

Cohiba Behike Labeled as Best Cuban Cigar Ever

Cigars: Montecristos in Mumbai

New Cohiba cigar deemed a ‘commercial success’

Cubans Release Trinidad Anniversary Humidor

Cuba Increases Tobacco Crop For Famous Cigars

Retro Action, December 24, 1985: No More Cubans For Castro

Rare Cubans Do Well At London Auction

Habanos marks the 40th anniversary of Trinidad cigar

New Tubes for Cuban Cigars

Cuba Takes Part in India’s Trade Fair

South Dakota business to hold farewell to indoor smoking

SD casinos preparing for smoking ban

Exhibition “La Ruta del Tabaco” Opens in Holguin

Ramon Allones—New Corona Gorda

Cuban Regionals Hit Asia/Pacific Region

Habanos Recreates Antique Upmann Jar

Cincinnati Reds Celebrate Win by Smoking Cigars

Close, and It Is a Cigar

Smoking ban sparks San Antonio debate

Lollipops send out the wrong smoke signals

Traders must register to sell tobacco


A Book of Bolivars

Teacher forced us to light up, allege pupils

Cuban Customs Strengthens Controls at Entry Ports

Selling cigars to children

Tasting Report: Cuba’s 2010 Ediciуn Limitadas


Cuban cigar dealer fights bans, hard times

Facing popular wrath, France cuts lavish government spending

N.Y. Cigarette Tax Increase Boosts Pack to Almost $11

Are Legal Cuban Cigars in Your Future?

Mass. Senate votes to ban smoking in casinos

Smoking bans and economics hit famed Cuban cigars

Sir Winston Churchill Cigar Sold at Auction

Eugene artist crafts guitars out of cigar boxes

A truly `Deliciosos` collectible cigar: the La Gloria Cubana

Inbound duty-free tobacco to be banned in Hong Kong

Cuban expert gives smokers whiff of art of cigar rolling

Cigars loved by Churchill to be auctioned in June

Schwarzenegger vetoes beach smoking ban

Michigan joins 37 states to ban smoking in bars and restaurants


Cuba`s Limited-Edition Cigars Shipping Early. Very Early.

Cuban cigar legend Alejandro Robaina dies aged 91

Majority of Bulgarians Support Smoking Ban

Cuba looks to women for cigar sales

Cohiba Behike leaves cigar aficionados scrambling for Cuba`s most expensive smoke

Frank Llaneza: 1920—2010

Midwestern farmers push for Cuban markets

First Ever: A Regional Edition Cigar for Cuba

Cigar sales see worldwide slump

Cuba`s world-famous cigar festival closes in Havana

Another Recession Casualty: Cuban Cigars

International Habano Festival Dedicated to Women

Cigar Fest Gets Smoking Ban Waiver

Columbia’s smoking ban still hazy

Churchill cigar sells for thousands of pounds at auction

US freedoms and Cuba

Smoking ban affects local businesses

Restaurant smoking ban begins Saturday

COHIBA, a new positive decision in USA in favor of CUBATABACO

Michigan Legislature Approves Smoking Ban

Smoking debate rises from ashes

Virginia bars, restaurants go smoke free

Florida Shuts Down Counterfeit Cigar Ring

Cuban embargo should remain in place

Learn more about the Cigar Humidor

Restaurants Preparing for Smoking Ban Ahead of New Law

Blowing smoke at tax

Cohiba Creator Avelino Lara Passes Away

Troubled times for New England tobacco farmers

Atlantic City to debate casino smoking ban again

Former Head of Cubatabaco Dies

Cuba: Cut in Tobacco Output Won’t Affect Export Customers

Cuba slashes tobacco acreage amid flagging demand

Tobacco giant makes its mark on D.C. smoking legislation

Cuba: an Enriching Encounter with Readers at a Cuban Cigar Factory

Habanos introduces the Trinidad Robustos T cigar

Cuban cigar for dessert?

New York City Considers Extending Smoking Ban to Parks, Beaches

Rum and cigars at stake in family`s bid to win compensation from Cuba

Ban still has some smoking in the Valley

Some shining examples of how stupid criminals can be

Cigar Shops Under Attack

Cuba Increases Control on Cigars

We have got our own Latin Quarter in Little Havana


US church leaders urge Obama to end Cuba embargo

Savannah pitches Bromantic Nights for guys

New Libre Cigar Lounge at Hilton Shanghai

Cigar shops fret over higher taxes, smoking laws

Premium Cigar Retailers Oppose New York City Anti-Tobacco Moves

Habanos unveils 2009 limited edition collection – 27/07/09

Counterfeit items, cartons of untaxed tobacco seized

Premium Cigar Group Concerned for Right to Smoke in Military

Tampa cigar makers hurting after tax increases

How To Choose A Cigar: Five Simple Tips

Cigar Makers Talk New Releases

Tobacco tax snuffing cigar habit

Hav-A-Tampa cigar plant closing - 500 lose jobs

CRA Names Its First Latin America Cigar Trip Raffle Winner

Cuban Cigars JFK Loved May End Forbidden Fruit Status in U.S.

Smoking is a vile habit, unless it s cigars

Senate Votes for F.D.A. Rules on Tobacco

Cigars returned to sender in wake of excessive duty fee, tax

Partagas Giving Away Smoker s Room

Annual meeting to promote Cuban cigars was held in Japan

Macanudo to Rock Bamajam Arts & Music Festival

Beijing Creates Cuban Cigar Club

Bill would let cigar stores serve liquor

Mexican Cigar Distributor to Fight Counterfeit Cuban Trade

Cigar execs ponder the possible return of the Cuban

Illusione Maker Creates Lighter, Sweet Brand

Elsinore man inspires others with cigar box guitars

NJ tobacconist to promote Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta cigars

Cigar-makers in huff over new tax

Quality trumps politics at cigar store

Cigar smokers can light up - eventually

Cugine Cigars at Famous Smoke Shop

Cigar Industry Fighting Proposed Florida Tax

Cigar retailers dealing with tax increase

Cigar-Makers Up In Arms Over Tax Increase

Cuban authorities crack down on illegally traded cigars amid growing crisis

Merchants miffed over cigars

World Baseball Classic: Cigar Opportunities in Los Angeles

With help from Cuba, Greek cigar sales rise

Cigar Store Indian

Cigar-store owners worry new taxes will sink shops

Visiting the cigar factory - Peter Coyote

Hoping for an end to the silly Cuban embargo

The lure of a fine Cuban cigar

Cigars shouldn t be exempt

Debate over cigar tax smoldering in Pennsylvania

Muy Bueno es Noche Habana cigar and Cuban lifestyle cigar celebration

Cigar Humidor Storage System

Artist Uses Cigars as His Canvas

Cigar firm cashes in on Obamania

Cigar box guitar concert reset

Cigar sales next on Dallas City Council s no-no list

New cigar shop counts on diverse offerings to create niche

Cigars aren t a purchase to be taken lightly

Cigar Store Wins Community Award

Cigar boxes making music

IPCPR Dismisses Third-Hand Smoke

EXCLUSIVE: ST Group Acquires Toraсo Cigar Factories

Tobacconist U. presents Tobacconist Preservation Act

Partagas Offering Decadas 1998 Gift Tin

La Casa De La Habana cigar store features private club

Cuban Cigars in 150 countries

Eternal Flame

Court upholds conviction in Cuban cigar case

Club Macanudo Opens for Lunch

Price of cigarettes to go up 35%

Up in smoke: Boston considers ban of tobacco bars

Federal Judge Overturns Cohiba Case - Again

Bulgarian show features 22-inch cigar

A place to savor your special cigar

Largest Cigar Retailer In Pensiylvania Expands Cigar Lounges

Robbers want cash, cigars at two holdups

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto - Cuban

Big Smoke Evenings Las Vegas

Aficionado s Premium Cigars & Wine - Coral Springs FL

Miami Cigar Adds 601 Brand to Distribution Lineup

Monster Cigars From Tatuaje

Cigars international in East Allen Township donating 18,000 cigars to U.S. troops serving abroad

Eddie Ortega of United Tobacco (EO Brands)

General Tobacco Launches New Product Line Extension Vaquero Filtered Cigars

General Cigars Introduces Their New Blend

Golden Leaf Cigar - Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge, Hobart IN

Pacific Cigar Event a Smashing Success for Playboy Cigars

Christie s Auction Features Rare Cubans, Recent Cigars

Benicio Del Toro gets to the man behind the T-shirt myth in Che

Wine and Cigars: Smoke Em If You Ve Got Em

Good food and wine, Cuban cigars are his lifestyle

Habanos Says Cuban Cigar Production Unaffected By Storms

Cigars set back

New Fundacion Ancestral Cigars from Tabacos de la Cordillera

Hurricanes devastate Cuba s tobacco industry

A Cigar Lover s Poker Lounge

Balcon del Habano, an Option for Cigar Aficionados

S.C. Premium Cigar Dealers Cross Primrose Paths of Politicians

Boston Health Board Approves Tighter Tobacco Laws

Do Cigars Get Better With Age?

Schooled in cigars

Is the Cuban Cigar Hype Justified?

American made cigars

Miami Cigar and Company to Distribute Felipe Gregorio

Sausage Links, top-two primary Cuban cigar edition

New Cuban Cigar Humidor

HeaterHolder offers ideal solution for cigar smoking golfers

Savoring Cigars

Winston Churchill cigar range lights up

New tax burns small cigars

A Quest for Cigar Excellence Takes A Colombian Twist

Puros Indios Maker Ready with New Brands

Former Omahan s fortunes sink

La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami Announced at Vegas Show

Cigar Rights News from Vegas Cigar Show

Vegas company ordered to stop using Cohiba name

Cigar Box Steampunk Guitars

Showing Off Her Cigar City Heritage

Rolling by the Book

Cigar giant s beginnings rooted in Licking County

Tasting and grading two old brands now updated: Saint Luis Rey Cigars and Hoffman House

Scotland Yard probes London mayor s Iraqi cigar case

Local cigar company offers taste of home to troops

A taste of Havana

Cigar event at Wildfox has hazy future

The Association For Women Cigar Smokers

Britney Spears, Mel Gibson smoke cigars at Havana Club

Snuff, Cigars Find Favor as Cigarette Prices Soar

Cigar shop owner strips C from sign to avoid prosecution

Cigar Style

Cigar purveyors want tax limit made permanent

Montecristo Named Exclusive Cigar Sponsor of Yogi Berra Golf Tournament

Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Robusto

Jury indicts Port Charlotte man accused of smuggling Cuban cigars

From tobacco to Topper

A networking event over mojitos and Cuban sandwiches

My Cigars Are Alive!

In Cuba, the Longest Cigar of the World

Havana calling, with rum - Cuban govt to push for bottling deal with India

Close, but no giant Cuban cigar

Miami s New La Gloria Cubana

Cuban cigar roller twists it toward a fourth Guinness record

Havana Nights in New Zealand

Where San Jose cigar smokers find refuge, fellowship

Short Lived Little-Cigar Tax Repealed in New York

Fay Vincent: Executive Privilege

What s the mystery that makes Cuban cigars so great?

Altadis U.S.A. to Send Cigars to Troops

Florida Congressman Kendrick Meek leverages cigars and politics

A crash course in Cuban cigars

New York to Tax Little Cigars

Cohiba cigar boxes land at Heathrow T5

Manchester cigars making a comeback

Second Diamond Crown Lounge Opens

Ever smelled a soul?

Meek s links to cigar maker raise questions

Cigar Diary: Entering and Leaving Cigar Heaven

Cuban Cohiba Pyramid 2006 EL

Montecristo Media Noche No. 2

Habanos maintain leadership of the world market

La Flor De Cano Petit Corona Cigars

New Cuban Cigars on at Havana Festival

Cohiba: Best Seller Of 2007

Valentine s Day: Romeo y Julieta Cigars

Cigar merchants band together to act on regulatory atmosphere

Former Regional Sales Manager to Head CAOs U.S. Sales Force

The Cigar Quote Primer

Giuliani gets cigar fix in Miami

A quick look at the year in review and what s to come

Sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar

Barley wine and cigars: A dynamic duo

How to Make A $1,000 Cigar

Altria Buys Cigar Firm, Cuts Jobs

Tiant s Cigar Legacy: Ex-Boston star lighting it up

Cigar shops could go up in smoke

No More Tobacco Taxes: Status of the SCHIP Tobacco Tax...

Cigar tax proposal threatens US retailers, Latin American countries

Cigar Hunting In San Jose, Costa Rica

In Praise Of The Cuban Cigar

EO Premium Brands, 601 Cigars - New from United Tobacco

Premium Cigar Smokers Save 40%With New Variety Samplers from Tabacos de la Cordillera

Tabacalera Perdomo Releases The New Perdomo Lot 23 Premium Cigar Line

Stanford J. Newman of J.C. Newman Cigar Passes Away

Kentucky Farmer Wraps Up A New Cigar Market

Cigar Lovers Hope Embargo Goes Up in Smoke

Torano Family Celebrates 90th Continuous Year in Tobacco and Premium Cigars

Havana Corner: New Cigars, New Identities

General Cigar Files Suit against Alleged Counterfeiters of COHIBA Cigars

Pirates add to Pittsburgh Baseball Club Level offering with opening of Montecristo Club

Cuban cigars on a roll as they keep high price tag

New cigar shop lights up at new location

Felipe Gregorio Moves Headquarters, Opens Retail Store

Cigars With Tobacco from Pre-Embargo Cuban Seeds

Value-Priced Premium Cigar from Indianhead

Esplendido Cuban Cigars Expands Product Line to Include Cigar Accessories

Cuba Unveils Super-Expensive Cigar

General Cigar Rolls in Style

Have You Smoked The Toad?

Camacho Cigars Release Two New Cigars!

Emprise Cigars Unveils the Officially Licensed Indianapolis 500(R) Cigar

Supreme Court Confirms General Cigar s Ownership Of Cohiba Trademark In The U.S.

Connecticut Cigar Store Hosts ESPN Radio Show

Extinct Cuban Pinar del Rio 1941 Tobacco Now Grown in Costa Rica

Cigar Friendly New York

California Cigar Dinner

Havana Corner: Hot Nights, Cool Days in Havana

Saint Luis Reys Coming Back

The Dalmore Tapped as Best Malt for Cigars

General Cigar Second Quarter News

Off To Russia For C.A.O.

History in Little Havana

Romeo Goes Maduro

Extra-large Humi Pouch

Avo Signature Small Corona Comes to America

Connoisseur s Corner, June 2003

Insider Q & A: Fuente Sales Manager Fred Zaniboni

Confusion Over New York Cigar Bars

Battle at the Bar

Connoisseur s Corner, December 2002

Cigars at Ground Zero

Connoisseur s Corner, August 2002

The Cigar Series Oil Paintings

Connoisseur s Corner, April 2002

Connoisseur s Corner, February 2002

Connoisseur s Corner, December 2001

Taking the Time for a Good Smoke

Blended Scotch and Cigars

The Art of Cigar Bands

Con Mucho Estimado -- With Much Respect

The Top 10 Cuban Cigars of All Time

Hoyo De Monterrey Golf Gift Pack

The Armored Humidor System

Churchill s

Cigar Stars Gather for Dinner

A Four-Fingered Cigar Case

Three-Blade Cigar Scissors

A Year in Cigar Art

The Cigar Bar

Havana Club

Forbidden Land

Painting the Town

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